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Fovea films is a multi-media production company based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York. As well as making independent feature documentaries, we enjoy making content for advertising and television clients. We have directed and produced projects in over 20 countries.

Nick World 00:30 sec, Director Graham Elliott.


Nickelodeon World

Soon after arriving in NYC from London, I was approached by Nickelodeon to present concepts for their new branding offensive. The brief: make a series of 10 second promos, which were multi-ethnic, multicultural, involve kids and show the logo, on screen, throughout.

I suggested we made giant Nickelodeon beach balls and bounce them around the world. They loved the idea but had a small budget. So, I ended up traveling to Japan, Thailand, London, Paris, Senegal and Guatemala in just over two weeks with a 16mm Bolex and two big Nick beach balls. Still one of my favorite projects.

On a rare afternoon off from shooting, sitting down in my seat to watch a kabuki performance in Tokyo, I immediately began fumbling for my seat belt. That's how much flying we'd been doing. I slept through the entire performance. 

In Senegal, the closest place we could find on our trajectory, that had a grass hut village was near Ziguinchor. We had to negotiate with the local chief to be able to film there. He said we could shoot, as long as he kept the beach balls. As it was our last stop we agreed. I am still waiting to see a National Geographic film about a lost tribe of Senegal, when a giant Nick beach ball bounces into frame. 


More to come!