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Fovea films is a multi-media production company based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York. As well as making independent feature documentaries, we enjoy making content for advertising and television clients. We have directed and produced projects in over 20 countries.


Greyhound to Cuba...excerpt. 05:15sec. Director Graham Elliott

The Backstreets of Havana. Homemade 'moto-bicycles' using whatever is available. Simple kitchens, big cigars. And 'The Religion' - Santeria. Seems like everyone has a shrine in their wardrobe. Hidden away-  a throwback, perhaps, of when the Spanish colonialists banned the religion and the practitioners had to 'hide' behind Catholicism and 'borrow' Catholic Saints as a surrogate focus of devotion. All of this juxtaposed next to the opulence of the 'Tropicana Cabaret'