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Fovea films is a multi-media production company based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York. As well as making independent feature documentaries, we enjoy making content for advertising and television clients. We have directed and produced projects in over 20 countries.

THE PROJECT, (in production).
The World in Motion 
Documentary film series 

The World in Motion is conceived as a documentary film series that explores the dynamic connection between location and expression.  -- It examines how environment and cultural context strongly influence designers and their work in different countries around the world. The project was inspired by our experiences while creating “New York in Motion”, an acclaimed documentary on how New York’s unique microcosm of cultures affects designers and artists in the city’s motion graphics industry. The World in Motion takes the concept global and investigates differences in the physical and cultural identities of countries and how they are manifested in design and communication arts. 

Why Now? -- At a time when technology allows us to increasingly overcome geographic boundaries, new cultural entities start to evolve that transcend geographic, social, economic, political and other traditional delineations. These entities dynamically configure their emerging identities from influences across the globe into totals that are quite different from the sum of their roots. They define our new realities, present and going forward.

Why Motion Graphics? -- Because design and visual arts have always played a central role in the creation, assertion and development of cultural standards, today's somewhat amorphous discipline of Motion Graphics – itself freely transcending categories – is at the center of these developments. 
As communication becomes increasingly indirect and digital, Motion Graphics not only provides much of the vocabulary, but shapes the very portals of our interactions. In both functions its role goes far beyond merely transmitting meaning, but is defining, even creating it - thus holding up a fascinating mirror to the changing realities of creators and audiences alike.

The project. -- In a series of documentaries The World in Motion investigates the impact of geographic and cultural boundaries and their current redefinition on visual communicators around the world. The series will cover 6 regions across the globe and is co-produced by director/producer Graham Elliott and Roswitha Rodrigues. Both independent visual artists and professionals, they have been teaching at the New York School of Visual Arts for more than 10 years. 

Graham and Roswitha are currently traveling to the first 3 focus areas to connect with creatives, artists and educators, as well as studios and organizations in the field to deepen their research and conduct interviews for the film.